Increasing your company's visibility

Insufficient sell-side analyst coverage
Lack of visibility to potential investors
Growing disconnect between the company value and share price
Restricted ability to raise capital and increased vulnerability

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Unique proposition

Meaning2Numbers combines the expertise of two trusted names in Research Intelligence and Investor Relations and strategic communications. We offer companies increased visibility and access to the investment community by improving the dialogue with investors and other financial stakeholders. This is achieved by giving the investment community guidance and better insight into the company,   its numbers and prospects. We understand the challenges companies face in having an ongoing meaningful dialogue with the investment community. Together we strive to improve this dialogue in order to shape the relationship with financial stakeholders, by providing strategic advice, supporting our clients in creating a clear and compelling equity story and clear communications to gain preference of all relevant stakeholders.

Investor Relations


We advise companies on how to build, maintain and improve their dialogues with the investment community, which requires a compelling equity story that keeps them aligned with the preferences and concerns of investors. We understand the challenge associated with finding the right balance between strategic ambitions and establishing the desired level of communication with the capital market and important stakeholders; consequently, we provide strategic advice for investor outreach and engagement. This supports value creation and establishes strong relationships and a deep understanding of the company with investors, buy-side analysts and the media.


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