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the IDEA!

Founded in 2007, the IDEA! is a leading provider of independent research information in the Benelux countries. The company’s equity specialists each have over 20 years’ experience in the industry. The IDEA! is a trusted name among institutional investors when it comes to high-quality and independent fundamental research on Dutch and Belgian companies. The company does not use, buy, hold or sell ratings; instead, the focus lies on providing all the necessary information investors need to make their own decisions.


Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Hill+Knowlton Strategies is a strategic communications agency with over 90 years’ experience in boardroom advisory. The company supports its clients when it really matters. Understanding clients’ needs and in-depth knowledge of the field in which they operate makes Hill+Knowlton 'trusted advisors', and this role is highlighted by the ever-increasing importance of communication in the boardroom and beyond. The company’s independent, critical attitude and network spanning the globe allows it to provide customers with the best advice making it the preferred choice among (financial) stakeholders.


the IDEA!

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H+K Strategies

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"Stricter disclosure and transparency guidelines make it increasingly difficult for companies to tell their story and provide the right context to their financials. With our initiative we are convinced that we can help to provide ‘meaning to numbers’ and improve the dialogue between the corporates and the investment community. " - José Tijssen, Hill+Knowlton Strategies
"MiFID II has created an information gap between listed companies and investors. Our unique initiative brings together the expertise of two trusted names in Investor Relations and Research Intelligence that can help to remove this barrier. " - Henk Slotboom, the IDEA!
"We aim for other parties to join us in closing the information gap between companies and investors to eventually create better understanding and an effective dialogue" - Ariën Stuijt, Hill+Knowlton Strategies
"Our high-quality research paves the way to get in contact with wide variety of potential investors" - Maarten Verbeek, the IDEA!
"Our initiative takes an important first step in bridging the gap between companies and investors by means of convincing IR, communication support and an information-based platform " - Mariam Sugijanto, Hill+Knowlton Strategies


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