Providing meaning to numbers

Meaning2Numbers is a unique joint initiative between the IDEA! and Hill+Knowlton Strategies, offering an independent Research Intelligence and Investor Relations consultancy to listed companies in the Netherlands. This amalgamation has resulted in an exceptional information-based platform and strategic consultancy service.

We support companies in successfully managing their relationships with the investment community. We help investors and companies by providing meaning to companies’ numbers; subsequently, improving the dialogue between the two.


the IDEA!

Idea-driven and fundamental research intelligence (RI)

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H+K Strategies

Investor relations support and strategic communication advice (IR)

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Unique proposition

Research Intelligence

Our independent research is based on deep insight and sector expertise and is compiled by skilled and experienced equities specialists. Leveraging upon our excellent reputation, we are ideally suited to provide in-depth, independent and unbiased issuer-sponsored research that facilitates institutional investors to make their own investment decisions. This translates into an very high standard of output and requires a completely unbiased view. We go the extra mile, digging deeper into the company and its markets and stakeholders, which provides the right context for a meaningful interpretation of a company’s results, financials and prospects, which we share with the investment community.

Information platform

Investor Relations

We advise companies on how to build, maintain and improve their dialogues with the investment community, which requires a compelling equity story that keeps them aligned with the preferences and concerns of investors. We understand the challenge associated with finding the right balance between strategic ambitions and establishing the desired level of communication with the capital market and important stakeholders; consequently, we provide strategic advice for investor outreach and engagement. This supports value creation and establishes strong relationships and a deep understanding of the company with investors, buy-side analysts, the media and other financial stakeholders.


Closing the information gap: driving visibility and understanding

Institutional investors

The number of sell-side analysts has drastically decreased
Investors have to close the information gap themselves at additional costs
Budgets related to investment research have been downsized
Without in-depth research, there is no incentive to invest in small and mid-cap companies
Insufficient sell-side analyst coverage
Lack of visibility to potential investors
Growing disconnect between the company value and share price
Restricted ability to raise capital and increased vulnerability